Terms and conditions for providers

Terms and Conditions of Listing

  • The posting of your accommodation notice is subject to approval by an accommodation officer. Please endeavour to supply as much information as possible describing the accommodation offered, your preferences and a preferred contact method.
  • The University is not a real estate agent therefore we do not charge a letting fee nor can we provide advice on appropriate rent or property valuations. This information should be established prior to listing your property on the Rental Database.
  • Property owners, managers and tenants remain responsible for arranging suitable inspection times, processing applications, lodging bonds and entering into legal tenancy agreements as required in compliance with the rules and regulations set out by The Residential Tenancies Act of 1995.
  • The University of Adelaide will not accept responsibility or liability for a breach of contract arrangements agreed to by a student who is referred to a property owner, manager or tenant via the Rental Database. For free information and advice, contact the Tenancies Branch of the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs. They are located at 91 Grenfell St Adelaide. Phone: 131882. Website: Renting & Letting Advice | Consumer and Business Services (cbs.sa.gov.au) 
  • Listings will only be accepted from submissions made online.
  • Adjustments to listings will not be made over the phone.
  • Listings will be automatically deleted from the Rental Database after a period of fourteen days.
  • The Accommodation Service reserves the right to indefinitely suspend the access rights of a registered provider, without notice, including the approval of new listings, in the event that an unfavourable report pertaining to the provider is received which suggests that the manner in which the tenancy agreement is administered, or general conduct is deemed inappropriate and may represent a risk to a University of Adelaide student.

Disclaimer: The University of Adelaide lists properties on this database as a service to our students and staff. We list the information as provided and therefore do not take responsibility for the quality of the accommodation or the accuracy of the information listed. We recommend that students familiarise themselves with the Residential Tenancies Act (1995). Any questions about tenant rights and responsibilities should be directed to the Office of Consumer & Business Affairs, Tenancies Branch, telephone 131882. Website:  Renting & Letting Advice | Consumer and Business Services (cbs.sa.gov.au)