The Importance of Finding The Right Accommodation

The University of Adelaide considers accommodation to be an important component in setting a solid foundation for academic success.

Finding comfortable accommodation, in a convenient location with the right people is important. However finding the right place can take time. The University of Adelaide Accommodation Service recommends that you begin your search well before the first day of University.

The University of Adelaide invites you to consider University Accommodation and Residential Colleges, which are designed to provide amazing “ value “. For instance, all rooms are completely furnished; electricity is connected and included in your fee. All University and College properties are situated in close proximity to campus and therefore represent significant savings in transport costs.

Accepting a place in University or College accommodation introduces you to a “ student community “ in which you will make lots of friends whilst staff are available to ensure that your living environment remains conducive to academic success during your stay.

If University accommodation doesn’t appeal to you, our friendly team at the University of Adelaide Accommodation Service will be happy to introduce you to alternative options. Please feel free to assist you by offering advice and the benefit of local knowledge.

How the Accommodation Service Can Assist

If you have never lived away from home or are new to Adelaide or Australia, chances are you will have lots of questions about finding suitable accommodation.

There are many things to consider before commencing your search. Factors such as budget, length of stay in Adelaide and whether you want to live alone or with others will influence your decision about which option is best for you. If you have come from overseas or interstate it is important to prepare yourself for differences in accommodation options and prices.

Finding Private Rental Accommodation 

The Accommodation Service team is available to assist you to find accommodation in the private rental market that suits your individual needs and budget.

Visit the Accommodation Service on North Terrace campus or contact us should you have any questions prior to arriving in Adelaide.

Students interested in securing private rental accommodation are advised to:

  • Begin to research private rental options before they arrive in Adelaide.
  • Don’t expect to find suitable private rental accommodation quickly. Some students are forced to accept sub standard or expensive private rental accommodation because they are unable to extend their temporary accommodation option.

However students are advised NOT to secure (by making a financial commitment to) any accommodation through the Rental Database unless they are in Adelaide and have had the opportunity to inspect it.

Our friendly team at the Accommodation Service is available to assist you to make your transition into University life. However in order to help us, help you, it is important that you undertake some research prior to your arrival so that you are able to inform us of what you are looking for and in which particular price range.

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