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UPDATE 1 - More affordable rental bonds

There is an important update affecting the payment of new tenancy bonds starting 1 April 2023. 

Currently landlords can claim residential bonds equivalent to a maximum six-weeks’ rent when the weekly rent is $250 or greater, with only a four-week bond entitled to be claimed for properties falling below that threshold.  

The bond threshold will now be raised to $800 to ensure that for most rental properties in South Australia, only a four-week bond will be required. 

The new amount will apply to any bond paid or payable under an agreement entered on or after 1 April 2023. Any bond paid before this date will remain lodged with CBS until the conclusion of the tenancy agreement.

If you have any questions arising from this information you can contact Consumer and Business Services at or consult with the University of Adelaide Accommodation Service 

UPDATE 2 - Share and Private Rental Accommodation

The University of Adelaide Accommodation Service understands that affordable (share) accommodation can be found in the private rental market and offers the rental database for the exclusive use of University of Adelaide students.

The rental database can be access from the Accommodation Service, located in Hub Central , North Terrace campus by any enrolled student of the University of Adelaide with a User Name and Password.

Students looking to find share or rental accommodation when they arrive in Adelaide are encouraged to visit the Accommodation Service (Monday – Friday 9am - 5pm) as soon as they can after arriving so our team of friendly staff can orientate them with all their options, facilitate access to the rental database and support students through the process of identifying and securing quality share or rental accommodation.

Students are DISCOURAGED from sending money from offshore to secure share or rental accommodation without having had the opportunity to inspect the accommodation first. 

The Accommodation Service has received a number of reports recently pertaining to non compliant or fraudulent activities from providers who have listed accommodation options on the following websites:

The Accommodation Service acknowledges that the majority of listings available on these sites are reputable but our advice is that students inspect the accommodation on arrival before sending money to secure it.

Contact the Accommodation Service for more information about room availability at The Village, Mattanya and Roseworthy Residential College.

Alternatively, a specialist Accommodation Officer is available at the Accommodation Service (Level 3, Hub Central) between the hours of 9am - 5pm (Monday to Friday) or email us at